Hi there, my name is Mike.

I'm a Senior and Concurrent Master's student at Brown University studying Computer Science. I enjoy designing, learning about, and building things.

about me

I'm a Senior at Brown University interested in computer science, mathematics, machine learning and the connections between them. I also collect & resell sneakers online. 👟 When I'm away from a computer, I like to learn foreign languages, write, and take pictures.


I make modern, fast and responsive websites, and I aspire to make web and mobile applications. My framework (weapon 😈) of choice for the web is React, which I combine with the MERN stack. For some of my sites, I use Wordpress. I also find machine learning and AI quite interesting, and am learning about the subject with PyTorch.


Right now, I'm working on Pomodoro - a productivity tool for the Pomodoro Technique built as a Firefox Extension. I am currently working on a few different ideas other than that one, and am looking forward to creating more! Also, I do freelance and build websites for people and whatever they are working on. 👨‍💻

let's connect

Don't hesitate to get in touch 😄